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Horse is a particular animal in many culture or civilization. However there are some people know more about horses. They are specialized. For instance horses are more expansive than many domestics’ animals. For some society, it has a spiritual character. In prehistoric times the wild horse was probably first hunted for food. Research suggests that domestication took place by approximately 6,000 years ago. It is supposed that the horse was first used by a tribe of Indo-European origin that lived in the steppes north of the chain of mountains adjacent to the Black and Caspian seas. Influenced by climate, food, and humans, the horse rapidly acquired its present form.However many people keep on ignoring the importance of this animal. That’s why the specialists must share their knowledge about horses.

What we can note also about horses? The extremely large eyes placed far back on the elongated head admirably suit the horse for its chief mode of defense: flight. Its long neck and high-set eyes, which register a much wider range than do the eyes of a human being, enable the horse to discern a possible threat even while eating low grasses. Like human vision, the horse’s vision is binocular, but only in the narrow area directly forward, and evidence suggests that it does not register color. While visual acuity is high, the eyes do not have variable focus, and objects at different distances register only on different areas of the retina, which requires tilting movements of the head. The senses of smell and hearing seem to be keener than in human beings. The horse’s natural food is grass. For stabled horses, the diet generally consists of hay and grain. The animal should not be fed immediately before or after work, to avoid digestive problems. Fresh water is important, especially when the horse is shedding its winter coat, but the animal should never be watered when it is overheated after working.

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