Horse spotlight

More and more people ride with used saddles

A saddle must not interfere with a natural situation. In other words, it is normal to observe as many different models of stools on the market corresponding to as many different morphotypes.

Equip the horse easily

There are hardly any circumstances in which the horse can do without protection. We will be able to equip his horse with different solutions to protect his limbs from shocks and injuries: gaiters, horse bells or polo bands. With many years of experience alongside high-level riders and horses, there are so many brands that has a great deal of knowledge about the influence of saddle design on the movement of horses and their performance, both positively and negatively. A knowledge of the biomechanics of the horse and rider allows each modelist saddles to create saddles that influence both horse and rider in a positive way, improving the performance and also the long-term health of the horse. Each cwd used saddles is created for a particular type of horse, and the pommels are individually shaped to achieve the proper shape for each particular horse.

The saddles of the experts

Whether you are professional or amateur you can now ensure your new or used saddle for all-risk damage as well as its flight to an equestrian place, competition field, removable upholstery, vehicle trunk, van, etc. The saddle to be guaranteed must have the following characteristics: no more than 5 years old, have been purchased new or used less than 90 days ago, be identified by its serial number in the form of a physical marking or electronic and be stationed in metropolitan France. Since its existence innovative offers, customizable and at the right price are specifically designed to meet your expectations. Most of the time, itching returns systematically on the same horse in the spring and disappear every fall.

In case of summer dermatitis, there are also ointments, shampoos to relieve and reduce the itching of the horse that often scratches to the blood.