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What is the saddle fitting ?

Riding is an exciting sport and a pleasant activity. People are passionate about this practice because beyond its sport nature it’s a playful activity. Riding helps release stress and procure joyful moments in private or with friends and familly. However, having a handsome ride will depend on many factors. The horse’s condition and the saddle’s quality. A good saddle fitting is essential to a comfortable and secured ride. It avoids horse’s wounds and aches. A good saddle has an impact on your horse’s health and performance. Whereas it’s our duty to take care of our pets. If you are planing to buy a saddle, specially an used saddle, opt for cwd used saddles for a better riding experience. The cwd used saddles are like new, they do not show stains and have no cracks or rubs. With their leither of top quality, cwd used saddles are resistant enough to be used for a long term goal. Buying a cwd used saddle is the greatest proof of love you could show towards your horse.

The saddle fitting is the unavoidable equipment for a joyful riding. It gives security while it render the ride more enjoyable. An used saddle with a broken tree or signs of wear may be fatal to your horse. A cracked tree can give pinches to your horse or hurt it. CWD used saddles ensure full protection and unequalled comfort to both of you (your horse and you). When all the conditions are favorable to a perfect riding, the experience is better. Sitting on a cwd used saddle make you feel at ease and offer you the feeling of being secured against any obstacle. It offers a perfect balance while it provides an optimal comfort. If you are looking for safety, cwd used saddles are the adapted used saddles for you and your horse.

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